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How to Transfer Photos between iPad and PC - Transfer Photos from iPad to PC, PC to iPad

Transferring your iPad photos to your PC as backup or transferring them from PC to iPad for appreciation? When these ideas come to your mind, what will you do? Will you still use iTunes? No, if so, you are out. To back up your photos to PC and to copy your photos to iPad, Tipard iPad Transfer Pro is the best choice without denying.

Apart from transferring photos between iPad and PC, you can replant audios and videos. Besides, this kind of transfer removes iTunes, which can save much time of iPad users. Even if your favorite is iTunes backup, Tipard iPad Transfer Pro offers iPad to iTunes transfer. In a word, with Tipard iPad Transfer Pro your transfer, esp. transferring photos, among iPad, PC and iTunes will become very easy.

How to transfer Photos between iPad and PC?

If you want to transfer photos from iPad to PC, the following steps will help you.

Step I: Download the Tipard iPad Transfer Pro software on line freely, install and run it, a users-friendly interface will pop up like this.interface
And then, connect your iPad to your computer.

Step II: Backup your photos to PC.
1) Open the “Photo” icon on the left file browser and choose photos you
2) Click the second illustration button,ipad to pc and select the target folder on the shortcut menu. Finally, click “OK” to complete the process of backup.

If you want to transfer photos from PC to iPad, the following steps are of great use.

Step I: You should download the software—Tipard iPad Transfer Pro, install and run it by following the steps. When you see an interface like this,interface
you can connect your iPad to PC.

Step II: Copy photos to iPad
1) Click "File" and then choose photos you need.
2) Click the first illustration buttonpc-to-ipad, and select the target folder on the shortcut menu. Finally, click “OK” to complete the process of transfer.

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