Transfer ePub from iPad to PC

How to Transfer ePub from iPad to PC - Transfer ePub from iPad to PC

Are you worried about the missing of ePub information on your iPad? Are you oppressed by the breakdown of iTunes when you have something urgent to do? If so, have you ever thought of other software to institute iTunes? Here, I strongly recommend you the newly-released software--Tipard iPad Transfer for ePub. No worry, no complex process, no time-wasting operation, Tipard iPad Transfer for ePub makes the way of transferring ePub much easy.

The following is the step-by-step way to transfer ePub from iPad to PC. Only a few clicks, you transfer of ePub will be finished. Try different software and try a different life.


How to transfer ePub from iPad to PC?

Step One: Download Tipard iPad Transfer for ePub, install and run it, then an interface will pop up:interface

Step Two: Connect your iPad to your computer via USB cable. Open the iTunes eBooks or Custom eBooks to choose the ePub files you want to

Step Three: Click "Export"export button and select the destination of the exporting files. The export operation then finished easily.

For further information, please visit iPad Transfer for ePub.

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