Transfer ePub from iPad to Mac

How to Transfer ePub from iPad to Mac - Transfer ePub from iPad to Mac

Have you still transferred ePub with the assistance of iTunes? Do you have to download iTunes software before you transfer ePub files? If so, you are really out. If you want to enjoy transferring like us without download iTunes, I strongly recommend you new software--Tipard Mac iPad transfer for ePub. Without complex transfer, without tiresome installation, without worrying about the loss of important ePub files, Tigard Mac iPad transfer for ePub makes the whole process of transferring ePub much easy.

The following article will display how to transfer ePub from iPad to Mac. May you can have a better understanding of our product.

How to transfer ePub from iPad to Mac?

Step I: Download Tigard iPad transfer for ePub, install and run it, then an interface pops up as follow:interface

Step II: Connect your iPad to your computer. Open the iTunes eBooks or Custom eBooks to choose the ePub files you want to export.

Step III: Click "Export" button exportand select the destination of the exporting files. The export operation then finished easily.

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